Our Story

Founded by my sister and I in 2020 during our generation’s first global pandemic, PRIDAL was born to fill a gap for the LGBTQ+ community and other sexual orientation groups. We’ve always noticed that finding gifts for our family, friends and colleagues has been difficult, especially when it came to same sex couples. As much as it would’ve been nice to pop into our local shop or supermarket and pick up a few gifts like we did with our straight friends, the gift designs were just not available.

After much deliberation, procrastination and even a few complaint letters to large corporations, we finally decided to launch the brand we have today, providing exclusive designs for the LGBTQ+ community made right here in the UK.


The LGBTQ+ community has come a long way since my sister and I were brought into this world, but there’s always further we can go. We will continue to strive for progress in any way we can within the community by supporting designers, business owners, charities, bloggers and anybody else we meet on our journey.

We will continue to make the best designs we can on the largest scale we can, to strive for these gifts to be the “new norm” within society, and won’t stop until we find a place for the entire community on every shelf.