Pansexual Gifts

Shop our range of pansexual gifts including mugs, pillows, pansexual phonecases and much more. Whether for you, a family member or friend or your partner, celebrate the beauty in pansexuality and purchase a pansexual gift today. All of our pansexual merchandise includes the pansexual pride flag consisting of magenta, yellow, and cyan.

Hearts not parts.

Pansexuality: The Definition

Pansexuality defines the romantic, sexual and/or emotional connection with other people regardless of their sex or the gender they identify with, the prefix “pan-” coming from the Ancient Greek word for “all”. Sometimes known as “gender-blind”, pansexual people often feel that sex/gender has no influence on determining their connection to others. The pansexual pride flag includes three colours, cyan representing the male spectrum, magenta referencing the female spectrum and yellow represents sexual attraction to non-binary people.

Our mission is to represent everyone's identity in the best way we can in our descriptions and creative designs. If you have any thoughts or want to see something different then we'd love your feedback, let us know here.