Asexual Gifts

Shop our range of asexual gifts including mugs, phonecases, pillows and more. There is no better way to celebrate asexuality than with these special asexual gifts for you or your friend. All of our gifts include the asexual pride flag in some way using the colours black, grey, white and purple.

Stand tall and stand proud.

Asexuality: The Definition

Asexuality is highly subjective and has different meanings for different people but broadly means experiencing little to no sexual attraction to others. Otherwise known as the “ace community”, asexual people fall under a large umbrella with some experiencing no sexual attraction, while others experience it for short periods of time.
The majority of people who identify as asexual can also identify with other sexual orientation groups and labels such as demisexual. The asexual pride flag emulates the spectrum of asexuality: the black stands for straight-up asexuality, the grey represents grey-asexuality/demisexuality, the white represents non-asexual partners, and the purple is for the general asexual community.

Our mission is to represent everyone's identity in the best way we can in our descriptions and creative designs. If you have any thoughts or want to see something different then we'd love your feedback, let us know here.